Hi team, hiiii! 👋

Here's a lil presentation for your viewing pleasure!* Some of these are personal projects that were creative collaborations between myself and other weirdos in the field — prop, wardrobe, hair and makeup stylists — some of these I was hired to create. For example, the first few were an assignment I was given (definitely not paid) by Wade to show some coffee love. The Letter from a Cactus Gif is a (personal) work-in-progress that I am collaborating on with a Starbucks illustrator (name drop!), Jordon Kay, to do some sweet lettering and animations. It's going to say something about corn on the cob. It's going to be groundbreaking. 🤘

Regardless of the assignment, I love using quirk, color, and some real human emotion when I create images. Oh, and I'm really good at the Photoshop, too.

Thanks! It was a real pleasure meeting ya'll!

* I'd like you to know that I am wearing shoulder pads, as I am taking this "presentation" business vurry seriously.