About Melissa

Hi hi hiii! 👋

I'm a Seattle fashion, product, and lifestyle photographer who is very hungry right about now. I hail from Wyoming where, yes, I actually had a horse, Silver Lady ... and 5 sisters. I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but when the blood and guts became too much to stomach, I switched gears to my other love, photography. Now I'm happy as a clam shooting colorful advertising and editorial photography, all the while living vicariously through one of my older sisters who is an actual veterinarian in Wyoming.

Favorite things: sushi, mustard, teal, mustard (the color), kaftans, giraffes, documentaries (preferably with subtitles), 3 legged dogs, parentheses (clearly)

Oh oh oh! Also, I'm working on a new project, Doggelganger.com (coming soon). It's an homage to people who look like their dogs. Wanna model? Hit me up.


Selected Clients

MTV Starbucks Wall Street Journal
Spin Magazine
Seattle Met Magazine
Alternative Press
Value Village
Seattle Magazine
Seattle Met Bride and Groom
The Stranger